Ambien Dosage

To determine the Ambien Dosage will be adjusted on your age and other medical conditions you may have. Never adjust the ambient dosage itself, because it would be very dangerous for your health. Ambien is available in two strengths as an immediate release drug, 5 mg and 10 mg, and as a 12.5 mg sustained release product called Ambien CR.

Ambien dosage for Insomnia It is recommended that you start taking Ambien with a 10mg, you should take it before bed. And people that have problem with their liver, or are older, or are using other medications that may affect the brain, they should start with a Ambien 5mg.

The following are some things you should consider before you take ambien :

• Ambien should be taken right before bedtime.
• Ambien should be taken without food.
• The medication takes effect quickly, make sure that you are ready for bed before taking the drug.
• To get the best results, take the drug exactly as it is prescribed.
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