Ambien Side Effects

Before we talk about the Ambien Side Effects, we should learn first about the ambien. Ambien is a medicine that is usually prescribed for the patients who are victim of Insomnia. Ambien is a short-term treatment for patients with insomnia to help you fall asleep. Ambien is also sometimes used by some people who suffer from other brain disorders. According to some personal experience ambien can work very fast, it works in less than fifteen minutes. But if you consume too much ambien, it would be very dangerous for your health. lately Ambien side effects has become a frequently discussed topic. These ambien side effects are much more common if you take ambien and do not go directly to bed. Here are some Ambien Side Effects that you need to learn more.

- The patient can feel nausea.
- Amnesia
- Euphoria is another side effect of Ambien.
- Various changes in libido are also exhibited that includes both increase and decrease in libido.
- The patient becomes more impulsive in his reactions and actions.
- The ability of reasoning decreases.
- The patient’s behavioral changes include his being becoming more extrovert that becomes uncontrolled.
- The users of Ambien may also exhibit changed thought patterns and behaviours.
- Delusions may also happen.
- The patient may undergo repeated and frequent headaches.
- The patients may also suffer short term memory loss
- The patient may undergo the bitter experience of hallucinations with varying intensities.
- Another side effect is sleep walking that does not have any explanations.
- The adverse side effect on the stoppage of Ambien is that the rebound insomnia may occur.

Above have mentioned some of the effects of ambien. But if the patient is over dosed with ambien there are side effects hazardeous. Here are some Ambien Side Effects for patients is over doses.

- Excessive sedation
- Depressed respiratory functions also result in the over doses of the drug.
- And if the condition of depressed respiratory functions increases then the condition may lead to coma and possibly death of the patient.

Now we have learned Ambien Side Effect for the health of your body. we should be more careful in taking the drug. as much as possible we should avoid the drug. but if you want to take the medicine, then perhaps you should consult with a doctor notified. Drug intake should be adopted according to the pattern and follow the advice of a doctor.